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Frequently Asked Questions (for Students)

  • All students planning to apply for Campus Interviews for Jobs or Internships or to apply for offline opportunities using OCCaP help, must register in this portal. The site will remain open for updates till 1st March 2018 for internship.
  • Students can not directly sign up  at this portal.  Those filled in the pre-registration form will be sent an email with sign-in credentials, by February, 2018.
  • Students can visit the OCCaP office for completing their registration process from 22nd February 2018 to 28th February 2018(Visiting Hours: 11.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m and 2.00 p.m to 5.00 p.m).
  • Students need to make it sure that they complete all the required information in the portal before their visit to OCCaP office.
  • Student who already have any sort of confirmed offers from Government or Private or Multinational agencies are not eligible to appear for placements. Please report to OCCaP to withdraw your profile as soon as you receive the first confirmed offer (by personal efforts or through departmental help or through OCCaP events)
  • After filling entries for creating the profile, students must visit the OCCaP office at CSIC building to record their fingerprints. These will be used to record attendance at all placement related events.
  • Please note that some relevant information will be picked up from the Database of IISc Academic Section, and these can not be changed in the profile.  Please read the rules and regulations available in this website.
  • You will not be able to change your login id during the placement season.  This will be the email id provided in the pre-registration form. OCCaP will make efforts to inform you using email and/or sms for any announcements.
  • Both email and mobile number will be verified. If you do not get verification sms, please re-check the number you entered.
  • Students can fill in their academic details using specified fields.  An Other Information field is provided for students to fill in other important information such as key achievements, previous experience, or any other information that may help their selection.
  • CV will be auto-generated using the information given at the portal.  Please pre-view your CV, and remove unnecessary line breaks or other information to fit this within ONE page.  Please note that as a policy, all personal contact information (email, contact number etc) are not included in the CV distributed through OCCaP portal.
  • Research students may include additional pages to their CV as a pdf file. This may contain details of the research project, publications, relevant photographs etc.  relevant for the work, and should not contain personal contact information.
  • Students joined after July 2007 can register for placements. In some cases, it has been reported that the number in the database is different from the originally assigned number.  However this information is not reproduced in the CV.
  • Please note that none of the students registered for job placement this year will be allowed in subsequent academic years. Similarly, students registered for job placements during 2017-18 or earlier are not allowed to register again.
  • Opportunities for Internships at Industries will be available for all categories of students at this stage. For students from Undergraduate (BSc (Research), MSc) and Masters (course programs such as M.Tech/ M.Mgmt/ M.Des) programs, these internships through OCCaP will be allowed only during summer months (May-July). Please note that a consent from the Guide/ Advisor/ Chair of department in the form of a scanned letter is required to be eligible to apply using the portal. Please use the link from the Download page.  However, please note that this will not be taken up until after job placements are facilitated.
  • All RESEARCH students are required to upload scanned copy of a consent letter in the prescribed format in their profile. Please use the link from the Download page.  All accounts without such letter will be disabled before posting new opportunities.
  • OCCaP will notify students to apply for available job/ internship opportunities at a later date. Student profiles will be visible to recruiters only after they apply. All information sought by the employer will be shared.
  • Information provided by students in this portal will be subject to verification, and if found to be incorrect, the student account will be disqualified till the end of the placement season.
  • Students found engaging in any malpractice during placement related events will be summarily disqualified and/or reported to the administration for appropriate punitive action.