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OCCaP initiated a new initiative called IISconnect, which is a platform for Industry Interaction and Research Careers.  This was formally launched on October 3rd, 2016.  This was special event to engage industries with our students on a one-on-one basis, attended by around 100 delegates from industries.  Around 100 of our graduating research students (PhDs) presented their work as posters during this event. Many other students attended talks by Industries, and interacted with visitors from Industries. During this event, some Industries visited some of our key facilities/Laboratories to explore collaborations with research groups in IISc.

This platform will allow graduating students of IISc an opportunity to present their work to industries.  Abstracts of work will be circulated with contacts in industries and they may interact with the students or may invite them onsite for further discussion of potential employment.

During IISconnect


The platform is now closed for registration.  Information about the registered students for the exclusive IISconnect platform is available in this  Booklet.


Please note that the event scheduled for April 8th has been cancelled.  Details of all eligible registered students are included in the above booklet being circulated with our Industry contacts.