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Placement Procedure

This procedure is valid for all categories of students, for job and internship placements through OCCaP.  Please see the page for detailed instructions/rules for students.
placement1The Placement Season begins in October ‘17 and goes on till May 2018.


placement2Invitations with the placement timeline and the other relevant information are sent out to the recruiters by OCCaP. New recruiters can contact OCCaP directly by sending a brief email [placement.occap@admin.iisc.ac.in] explaining their interest.

placement3Recruiters are registered on the OCCaP website. All the registered recruiters have individual login credentials for their account. The website is the interactive portal of job opportunities.

placement4The recruiters fill a Job Description Form containing details of the job and the offer using their online account.
They should provide compensation breakup details of the posted job opportunity.

placement5OCCaP will schedule visits of recruiters for pre placement talks.  The Job Description is made available to eligible students.
placement6Interested and eligible (as per the criteria specified by the recruiter) students show their willingness to appear for the recruitment process of a company by signing in details online. Details of all such students become available to the organisation for downloading or viewing through the OCCaP account.


placement7Recruiters can shortlist students. Recruiters are also urged to maintain a waitlist of students who can be interviewed in the event of non-availability of some of the shortlisted students

placement8OCCaP will schedule visits of recruiters for pre placement talks, tests and personal interviews.

Recruiters visit the campus on the alloted date(s) and conduct tests and/or interviews according to their recruitment process.

placement9The company/recruiter is required to furnish the final list of selected students in a sealed envelope at the end of the assigned interview slot. Recruiters are also urged to maintain a waitlist of students in case of non-availability of some of the selected students. The results should be shared only with the OCCaP staff.

Interview Scheduling

All tests and interviews will be held within the IISc premises.  Video conferencing option may be facilitated by OCCaP subject to availability. *OCCaP has decided to waive Placement Fees from recruiters in 2017.

Based on certain criteria, OCCaP will announce a schedule for companies to visit IISc. The information about the visit of a company will be shared by the OCCaP office

More than one company may be invited to campus on any day.

Students can register for a dream job option by 11th October 2017

Information for Recruiters

  • Only one registration is allowed for an Industry.  However they can post multiple job or internship opportunities after signing in.
  • Please visit other pages in this website for the brochure, and other details of our revised placement process.
  • For sign-in credentials, please write to the student representative in touch with you, or directly to placement.occap@admin.iisc.ac.in with your email, name, mobile number, along with company name and address.   Log in credentials will be sent both as sms and email.
  • Once you receive these details from us, please use the sign in link to fill in the details of the offer.  These details will be transferred to applicable set of students at a later date.
  • While announcing the jobs at this portal, please choose at least one of the degree programs (Integrated Masters in Science, Masters in Engineering/Technology/Management, or PhD (Science or Engineering).  Please provide additional details on disciplines/specializations etc at the Job Description fields.  You will be able to attach files for additional details.
  • OCCaP Committee announces the job to some of the relevant departments.  In many cases, niche research in some areas may be happening in unrelated departments.  If none of the profiles match, please do let us know at placement.occap@admin.iisc.ac.in.
  • Student profiles will be visible to recruiters only after students specifically apply for the opening.

Recruiting Research (Phd) students

Note the following differences

  • All regular PhD students who have submitted their thesis are allwed to register for job at our portal.  Those who have not yet submitted, but are likely to submit by July 31, 2018 are also allowed.
  • In case the number of candidates appearing for a position is small, recruiters may choose to invite the candidate to their facility for detailed discussions and/or site visits.
  • Video conferencing may be facilitated by OCCaP, subject to availability.

All the communication for any on campus recruitment activity should be routed only via Office of Career Counselling and Placement.
Direct communication with any student for any on campus recruitment activity(schedule, results etc.,) will not be appreciated.