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Students Resources

Skill Development

Students interested to address soft skills may use free online services available by registering at http://bit.ly/2l3fke7   For questions, please contact Pooja Mandviya. Details at www.educba.com


All students registered may participate in IISconnect2017 by Applying in their job portal and filling out form with necessary details.  

Student registrations for the OCcaP portal is now closed.  Interested students may register for IISconnect using the link provided at the IISconnect website.  Postdoctoral researchers (who were not PhD students of IISc) may also register for IISconnect2017 by paying a registration fee.

All students registered with OCCaP are requested to fill this form online to give feedback/suggestions/other inputs.  Those interested to participate in future edition of IISconnect must fill this form to express their interest.

Template of the supervisors’ Consent Letter required for research students [docx].  Please download, fill, print, get supervisor’s signature, scan and upload this page in your profile in the portal.  Please note that new profiles without this letter will be disabled.

Students are requested to please sign in and visit the portal at least once daily for messages regarding new job postings and test and interview schedules.  To prevent spams, we email or sms options will not be used daily.

Based on inputs from the company representatives, jobs will be posted to a sub-set (usually based on departments) of our students.  Please be informed that each year a company may have some target areas to recruit for.  So even when a job from a company is posted to students, you  may not be able to apply for this.

In some cases recruiters ask for CVs of students (before, during or after interviews).  All students are requested to include their CV at the time of applying for the job.

Online sign up /sign in are enabled in the Placement Portal.  However students will not be able to make any changes in their profile during the placement cycle.

Rules of engagement with OCCaP are published here.  Please note that all research students are required to submit a consent letter from their guides confirming that they would be able to submit their thesis and join the job OR go for internship within specified windows.  Students who have already submitted their thesis may choose to submit a letter proving the same.  Graduated (past students of IISc) who are continuing as a RA etc in campus may apply with a consent letter from their current supervisor.

Only students joined after July 2007 can register using their SR number.  In some cases, it has been reported that the number in the database is different from the originally assigned number.  If there is difficulty please write to placement.occap@admin.iisc.ac.in with your full name, data of joining, and program details.

Offline Jobs

Please visit our USEFUL LINKS page to use tools for searching positions.

We are evaluating a new tool for searching for positions across the globe.  Please sign up with us for a slot to use this.